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Begin your healing journey at our friendly and caring practice.

Our office specifically sets aside individual-scheduled time for each patient. Therefore, a 24 hour notice of change/cancellation of your appointment is mandatory.

Our office is not a high volume clinic. Your appointment is not divided among 4-10 other patients. Our time is valuable and likewise -Your time is valuable. You will not have to wait in our office for your appointment because your time is specifically set aside for you.

You will not be treated in a one large treatment room with numerous strangers watching and listening. We understand that privacy is important.

In our office, you will only be scheduled for treatment appointments that you need. You are not going to be advised that you need 20-60 adjustments to cure your condition.

In our office, your appointments are less frequent and are 45 minutes in length. Our clinic fees are reasonable and similar to that of other Chiropractic practices. However, you receive more 1:1 time with Dr. Beth and the focus is on the quality of care to help you get better the fastest.

Aarhus Chiropractic

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Our office is easily accessible from all major freeways. (There is a large free parking lot behind our office). We are near the intersection of First Street and Taylor Street.

Aarhus Chiropractic

678 North First Street
San Jose, CA 95112

Return Phone Calls

It is Dr. Beth's intention to return all phone calls as soon as possible from patients. If no one answers the phone during normal business hours, we are assisting another patient and will call you back as soon as possible. You should expect a call back before the end of the following business day.


Dr. Beth Aarhus is not a participating provider of any specific Health Insurance Plan. However, there are many Health Insurance PPO plans that our office will accept.

These are Health Insurances that we accept as an Out of Network (OON) Provider:

  • Aetna PPO Insurance (NO HMO/NO EPO) Several Open Access Plus PPO plans accepted.
  • AmeriBen Insurance (Many PPO plans accepted).
  • American Heritage (Many PPO plans accepted).
  • Anthem Blue Cross PPO (Specific PPO Plans accepted).
  • Blue Shield (No HMO/NO EPO) Many PPO plans accepted.
  • Cigna PPO (NO HMO/NO EPO) Several Open Access Plus PPO plans accepted.
  • Great West (No HMO/NO EPO) Several PPO plans accepted.
  • PHCS/MultiPlan (No HMO/NO EPO) Many PPO plans accepted.
  • United Healthcare (No HMO/NO EPO) Most PPO plans accepted.
  • Med-Pay Car Insurances Accepted.
  • Car Accident Liens Accepted.
  • Cash/Personal Checks.
  • HSA Cards/All Credit Cards.

If you would like information as to what your health insurance plan covers in our office, please make a copy of the front and back of your health insurance card (increase the size of the copy by 25% so that all numbers are readable on the copy), write the birth date of the primary subscriber and your contact phone number for us to return your call. Please fax this paper to our office at (408) 977-0660. You may also enter the Insurance information on the contact page on our website. We will respond to you within 48 hours with the information you have requested.

***Sorry, we are not a provider of any HMO/EPO Health Insurance plan &/or Worker's Compensation Insurance Plans.